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Loan Servicing Fees Effective 8-9-13

IndyMac Mortgage Services offers a variety of services and documents for your loan, whether you are looking for an amortization schedule, payoff statement, subordination, or even a duplicate copy of a billing statement. To learn more about each of the documents and services we offer, please click on the appropriate tab based on your mortgage type and you will be shown a list along with the corresponding fee. For any further questions you may have, please contact us at 1.800.781.7399.

Document Fees [?] + Click to Expand
Amortization Schedule [?] (Not Available For Option ARM Loans) $5.00
Appraisal or Survey, Loan History (12 months at no cost), Mortgage/Deed of Trust, Note, Check Copy (per copy), or All other Loan Documents (per document) $5.00
Verification of Mortgage [?] $5.00
Overnight Delivery of Documents/Copies $15.00
Duplicate Copy of Year End Statements or Billing Statements [?] $5.00
Faxing of All Documents (per request) $5.00
Payoff Statement Fees[?]+ Click to Expand
Payoff Statement Fee (per request) Alabama, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming $10.00
    All Other States No Charge
Payment Option Fees (Some options do not allow for same day or next day payment posting)+ Click to Expand[?]
One Time Drafting of Payments:
  • If Payment is Drafted Within 5 Days of Due Date
    • Call Center Assisted
    • Automated Phone Option
    • On the Website
    • ACH

No Charge
No Charge
No Charge
  • If Payment is Drafted 6 or More Days After Due Date
    • Call Center Assisted
    • Automated Phone Option
    • On the Website
    • ACH

No Charge
No Charge
Late Payment (Charge) Fees Refer to Your Mortgage Documents
Payment Returned for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $20.00 Unless Limited
by State Law
Loan Assumptions, Modifications, or Releases[?] + Click to Expand
Partial Release[?] $300.00
Recording Fees for Full Re-conveyance[?] Varies by State
or Local Agency
Subordination of Junior Lien[?] $300.00
CEMA (Consolidated Extension Modification Agreement) NY Only
Assignment Fee (to other institutions)[?] $750.00 (50% non-refundable)
Assignment Fee (IndyMac Mortgage Services to IndyMac Mortgage Services) Varies by Loan
Assumption Fees
Charged at a rate of 1% of the principal balance Minimum Fee: $400.00
Maximum Fee: $900.00
Miscellaneous Fees[?]+ Click to Expand
Fund Wires
  • Incoming Wires of Funds to IndyMac Mortgage Services
  • Outgoing Wires of Funds from IndyMac Mortgage Services
* Fees will be waived where documents are required to be provided at no charge under applicable law.
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